Art Exhibition & Awards

Master of Art International is structured as an annual international art exhibition and aims to showcase the very best original pieces of art - the masterpieces. Our objective is to discover artist art talents, to promote the art development and to grow the friendship among artists from all over the world by encouraging innovation and creativity whilst maintained excellence in originality, the exhibition seeks to promote the discovery, understanding, and responsible enjoyment of the wonders of art as well as built a widely recognized and credible brand.

Master of Art International Exhibition venue change each year without interruption aims to draw the opportunities to all artists worldwide and curated annually by Margarita Feaks Gallery.

Margarita Feaks Gallery works hard to encourage a diverse range of category of work to enter from Abstract, Architecture, Botanical, Contemporary, Illustration, Fine Art, Landscape, Portrait and Wildlife, as a result, the diversity of mediums, subject and ideas will appeal to a large audience, and the mixture of visual consideration with smart objective is a triumphant.