Master of Art International was founded by Margarita Feaks, the sole owner of Margarita Feaks Gallery ( established since September 2010, offering clients both the understanding a creative and business perspective along with  unique knowledge of the art merchandising. 

Our objective is to discover artist art talents, to promote the art development and to advance the friendship among artists by encouraging innovation and creativity whilst maintained excellence in originality. Margarita Feaks Gallery seeks to promote the discovery, understanding and responsible enjoyment of the wonders of art.     

Our company:

Margarita Feaks Gallery is independently owned and operated under registration in England and Wales number 2653740609.  Registered address : Margarita Feaks Gallery, P.O Box 1361, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6FP, England, United Kingdom. 

Our Service:

Margarita Feaks Gallery featuring worldwide artists through events, exhibitions, launches, meetings and conferences, design collection shows and touring shows. And also annual printing publication on art book and art calendar.

Our Name:

Master of Art International is a trademark owned and managed by Margarita Feaks Gallery. Intellectual Property Office (IPO) registration number UK00002641675 and World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) registration number 1167967.

Our Artists and Vendors:

The artists and vendors on Master of Art International ( all produce unique merchandise. Margarita Feaks Gallery gives international artists a probability of advancing their career and enhancing their biography / curriculum vitae.

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