Aims and goals


Is the art portfolio makes it possible for artists to overcome the difficulties posed by an extremely tough and competitive market.
Showcase your work to buyers and collectors. The book promotes the artwork of emerging and established artists. Unlimited number of books is sent free  to a vast public such as art collectors, museums, gallery owners, interior designer, art consultants, curators and the list goes on. If you are painting for leisure, this is not for you.
Become a world – celebrated name. It reaches out to a qualified audience. Be featured in the museum quality international art book. Our books are printed in Proline Pearl Photo premium quality, at 33 cm X 28 cm with hardcover image wrap. The paper is high quality gloss paper at 190 gsm and the books are thread sewed, reinforced case bound. Publish your work in high quality book that you can be proud of being in.
Your key to un-limited opportunities. It makes artists more accessible. Increase the value of your art work significantly.

Apply now before it's too late and get your art career a fast track with a massive international exposure

​​How you can be included: Publish your art in 3 simple steps.

  1. ​Tell us your personal website or submit 5 – 8 images of your work (painting or drawing), your curriculum vitae and statement for approval. Choose the publication cover you would like to submit your work to, such as bronze, silver  (two pages or four pages) or gold (first page, back page or front page), by email:
  2. ​If the artist is selected, they will be notified within three working days. Our jury selects very seriously the quality of work to be shown in the book. If you did not qualify, no problem - please don't take it personally and simply try next year for the next volume, as we have thousands of applications each year.
  3. ​After approval, a participation fee is required. Artists can choose to present their work in bronze, silver or gold options.

You could be the NEXT Master! Apply now before it's too late and get your art career a fast track with massive international exposure.

Based on recent statistics on professional collector is looking for fresh new names in the world of art. They are looking for you! You just need to help them to find you!

It's time for you to take action and become part of our next volume! Each year we publish only one volume, and with over thousands of applications and strict judges, we encourage you to apply now before someone will take over you. This publication is only for serious artists who want to be recognized worldwide. If you are one of them, you are welcome to apply!

Submit your application, be discovered, featured and start make your dream a reality. Act Now!


MASTER OF ART INTERNATIONAL– Volume II is aim to connect artists with the art professionals and collectors worldwide and use as a marketing tools of reference to an unlimited art market.

Each year we receive thousand of applications from all over the world: United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Australia, France, Portugal, Spain, Canada, even Singapore and China! The list goes viral!

Selecting artists based on their most recent artwork is never an easy task. The juror´s goal is to present a wide range of categories of work. Nevertheless, we believe that we’ve struck the right balance and have succeeded in showcasing a wide variation of subject, design and profession. From pop art to contemporary art the selected works show a valuable high quality and novelty. The end result is a most diverse art book collection.

It takes more than skill for artists to become successful. It is common knowledge to all artists how important it is to show their work in publications, in order to reach a vast international audience and find their way to success. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Dedication to art and hard work is not enough for an artist whose aim is to be successful.

It is a fact that art collectors prefer “published artists” while considering a potential buy. Our goal is to present the artists’ individual visions, their ability to present a new outlook of life and revolutionize something ordinary to an outstanding masterpiece.

And if you are still not featured in the book, we advice you to enter, get featured, get recognized and start taking a direction to a success. It's an outstanding opportunity to gain worldwide exposure!

Distribution & Publicity

MASTER OF ART INTERNATIONAL – VOLUME II  book is distributed without any cost to major galleries, museum, collectors and art professionals worldwide. And today, you can be a part of this success story!


Participation Fees - Choose the best option for you !

Cost of participation in the book includes the following services: full editing, layout and design, text review, offset printing, distribution, publication and a copy of the book. Please note that the government tax deductible business expense. Installment payment is available after approval.


  • If you want to fast forward your career in art without big investments.
  • You will be promoted in 1 full color page from the middle of the book.
  • You will receive a copy for free including international shipping.
  • A fast track package, all for £ 700.00.
  • Few space remaining.


  • For emerging and mid-career artists looking for maximum exposure with two cost effective options.
  • Either two color pages from page 20 which includes 2 free copies including free international shipping for cost effective price of 1,250.00.​ Few space remaining.
  • Or four full color pages in the first 20 pages, inclusive 4 free copies, including free international shipping for cost effective price of £ 2,300.00


  • Professional and established artists seriously looking for top quality and maximum exposure worldwide.
  • Three available options – Front Cover, Back Cover and First Page.
  • First page (Frontispiece) + 2 complimentary full color pages, 5 free copies including free international shipping. The best Choice – all for £ 4,350.00.
  • Back Cover + 2 complimentary full color pages, 5 free copies including free international shipping. The best choice – all for £ 4,350.00.
  • Front Cover + 2 complimentary full color pages, 7 free copies including free international shipping, Top Exposure – all for £ 7,050.00.